About Joy

Joy Chambers is an author, company chairman and a business woman.  In 1990 she began writing; this could have been called her fifth career, for until that time she had combined actor and television panelist with that of business partner and wife of media mogul, Reg Grundy.  A lover of history and never idle, Joy writes Fact-Based Fiction.

She began her television career in Australia and won Logie Awards for her performances in the 1970s; (think Emmys and Baftas) appearing in numerous Australian productions including the international hit Neighbours in which she played the role of Rosemary Daniels.  At its height Neighbours was seen in 76 countries.

In the early years of her career Joy wrote for numerous Grundy shows and worked as a production assistant on others, taking her place beside the man who was to become her husband, Dr. Reg Grundy AC OBE, and playing an important part in those years of expansion of the Grundy Worldwide phenomenon.  In 1985 she was elected to the board of Grundy Worldwide, at that time the largest independent television production and distribution company in the world with local production companies in over 20 countries on 5 continents.

In 1995 Joy Chambers and Reg Grundy created RG Capital, a private group of entities with principal interests in media, the entertainment sector and advertising. Chambers is chairman of RG Capital Holdings Ltd. Joy still holds close links with her home-town of Ipswich Queensland being the Patron of the Ipswich Poetry Feast as well as Ipswich's Honorary International Ambassador.

Joy’s decision to write came after years of reading the classics.  An amateur historian and with a family background in history - her brother, a PhD has written numerous histories – it was natural for Joy to write historical fact-based fiction.

Joy relishes the research she does on her books and says: 'My life is in the entertainment business.  A skilfully written book can be read on many levels but it should always entertain… I attempt to do that.'  
Joy & Reg live in Bermuda with their Shetland sheep-dogs....