It's Cold Here Now

Written in flight between Sydney and Brisbane

It’s cold here now,
Cold as hell,
You say –
Hell is not cold, well,
Hell is cold,
It’s cold here now,
Cold as hell.


Nightfall in the Pacific

Written at Diamond Head, Hawaii

One single star pulsing above me,
The sun has gone from the evening skies,
And the flesh pink glow alone is left to see;
The black line of the ocean
Where the horizon lies,
Seems to roll in towards me,
And the sound of the tide repeats
Like a sad man sighs;
Far Away,
Winking city lights begin
The vigil of each night anew,
And the dark is just hovering like
Tears in my eyes,
I’m in Hawaii, where are you?


The Purple Flowers

Begun in Hawaii, completed in Sydney

One day you climbed a broken fence for me,
A day in memory’s long gone times,
I waited by the roadside patiently,
As patient as a five year old can be,

You skipped down an incline covered all with vine,
Into a wash of green leaves and bracken
And cone shaped purple flowers soft and fine,
Your presence moving through disturbed the line
And leafy ripples ran from your shoulders like wings,
My brother on a quest for me,
A quest of purple flowers and happy meanings,
That only a big brother to a little sister brings,
Your fair head passed behind undergrowth and tree,
As you chose each flower on that long gone morning,
Clearly I see you coming back to me,
Indisputable my delight at your humble gallantry,

Caught in the time warp of my mind
We stand on that road together,
You with the flowers you’d gone to find,
And me; aglow from your gesture kind.