None But The Brave

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Set before and during the brutal hostilities which encompassed the whole planet in World War Two, NONE BUT THE BRAVE presents the tale of the hazards and risks three courageous people must face on their separate journeys to salvation.

John Baron Chard, grows to manhood in Australia, unaware that the family he loves is not his own. When his life is thrown into despair he leaves for England to join the RAF as war looms across Europe.

Samantha Chard is young and headstrong and when she cannot have the man she loves she marries Cashman Slade but the union is doomed to failure, and finally she escapes across the world to follow her dream of becoming a famous photographer.

Cashman Slade is charismatic and arrogant and he discovers that for him it is easy to make a living the dishonest way. But when the law begins to catch up with him, he joins the army to avoid exposure and to leave his past behind. But finally Cash discovers that lying brings only dilemmas and he must face up to all that has gone before.

NONE BUT THE BRAVE is once more meticulously researched and cleverly weaves real people (Sir Winston Churchill and ‘Tin legs’ Bader and others) with Joy’s characters. In this impressive saga we see that truth and morality can survive against the excesses of war.